Dandelion’s Full Moon Chilli Crab Dinner

Legend has it that crab harvesting in the north of Australia and South East Asia was done according to the phases of the moon.

The Mud Crabs (Scylla serrata) who inhabit burrows in the inner-tidal mud of the mangrove regions, have a habit of digging deep into the mud just before the full moon illuminates the sky and makes them easy prey for predators like crocodiles.

Before this hiding occurs, the crab eats a lot and becomes heavy with meat. When the full moon turns to the waning gibbous, the crabs come up to feed, having lost condition and their flesh is rendered muddy.

So canny crab gatherers know that the best time to harvest the crabs, when they are full of meat and clean tasting, is on the waxing gibbous, two to three days before the full moon.

That’s why we celebrate each full moon crab harvest by adding Chilli Mud Crab to our regular menu.

Upcoming full moons:

Wednesday 14 December

Thursday 12 January
Sunday 12 February
Tuesday 14 March
Tuesday 11 April
Thursday 11 May
Friday 9 June
Sunday 9 July
Tuesday 8 August
Wednesday 6 September
Friday 6 October
Sunday 5 November
Monday 4 December

Our catch of crabs are priced per kilo, whole in the shell, enough for two to share OR four as main course with additional entrees. We recommend getting a big table together to enjoy a few different crabs. Price includes all vegetable side orders, rice, bibs, crackers, mallwets and refresher towels.

While they may vary every month, below is a typical menu and typical prices:

Antarctic King Crab    $140(market price)
Large Mud Crab   $120(market price)

Your selection:
Steamed in a chilli broth, with fragrant herbs and leaves

OR something a little different:

Wok fried in Kampot Black Pepper with spring onion

Accompanied by:
A claypot of Hmong spiced eggplant with black vinegar,
Vegetables stir-fried with garlic and oyster sauce,
Steamed rice

Please book at least 24 hours in advance and mention Full Moon Chilli Crab. Book via 95314900 or online