Our menu features a very personal showcase of dishes inspired by the Cuisine of Vietnam. A rich and diverse cuisine that exhibits a wonderfully intoxicating combination of the raw and the cooked, the hot and the cold, the sweet and sour.Light, fresh and healthy, dishes to be savoured and dishes to be shared.

We hope you enjoy the experience.

Geoff and Jane Lindsay


something to nibble on

Crispy sesame and coconut rice papers with Spanner Crab dressed with coconut, chilli and lime   20

Green rice fried Tiger prawns, nuoc cham (minimum order 3)    6 each

Sweet chilli, fried chicken wingettes (5 pieces)   16

Bo La Lot the classic grilled minced Wagyu beef in betel leaves (minimum order 3)    6 each


wrap and roll bar

Our own style of rice paper rolls in several varieties. Perfect to share and sample a few.

Peking duck rice paper rolls, spring onion and cucumber with hoi sin#      26

Smoked salmon rice paper rolls, asparagus, purple cabbagewith Yarra Valley Salmon Pearls, ginger nuoc cham   19

Buddha roll - rice paper roll with Hanoi five spice tofu, shiitake, pickled beetroot mushrooms and shiso with peanut hoi sin#*    18

Crab spring rolls, wrapped in crunchy lattice rice paper with nuoc cham    6 each



Clean crisp salads, tossed with fragrant herbs. Spicy dressings
with lime juice and Nuoc Mam or Fish Sauce, from the picturesque island Phu Quoc, acknowledged as producing the best in the world.

Banh Xeo, Saigon pancake of turmeric and coconut with pork and prawn, bean sprouts and fragrant herbs, iceberg lettuce wrap   22

Steamed shredded chicken with Vietnamese slaw, peanuts, crispy shallots and nuoc cham   23

Passionfruit cured Yellowtail Kingfish with pomelo, daikon, crispy taro and chili   25

Roast pumpkin, green papaya, morning glory, pomegranate peanuts and sticky rice ball salad with mulberry dressing*   21


pho and friends

Too good to share!
Pho is a true fusion dish, influenced by the French and Chinese, quintessentially Vietnamese. The name, pronounced ‘FIR’ comes from the French feu (fire), as in the dish pot-au-feu. We have also added a collection of soups from all over Vietnam, all with Dandelion flair!

Sher Wagyu beef pho, with raw sirloin and braised brisket and tail, with side of peanut sate sauce#    26

Free range chicken pho, soft cooked organic egg#    21

Peking duck with egg noodle broth, roast duck and cinnamon mint#   27

Water chestnut, water spinach and taro dumplings soup of sweet and sour coconut, lemongrass and kaffir lime#*   20


curries, claypots and wet dishes

Viet curries are spicy but lighter and cleaner than say Thai or Indian curries. Fragrant wet dishes from the Mekong.   

Sweet potato curry with baby corn, mushroom, snake beans, sawtooth coriander, pomelo and papaya salad*   32

Lamb shank curry with lotus root, coconut, peanuts, turmeric, cassia bark, galangal and rice paddy herb, Viet baguette   36

Duck braised in coconut and orange water with Thai basil, ginger and candied orange rind   38

Caramelised pork hock with tamarind with fragrant herbs and iceberg lettuce wrap     42


coconut grill

All meats and fish grilled with our own herb and spice rub over coconut with citrus leaves. Served with condiments.

Whole New Zealand flounder with Hoi An chilli, peanut sate (700g fish perfect to share)   48

Rockling fillet with lemongrass chili paste wrapped in banana leaves    35

Milk and longan honey marinated free range chicken grilled with lemon leaves, lemongrass, ginger and cumquat   36

Twice cooked beef short ribs, coconut water, mountain spices with green mango salad#   38


feed me!

Chef’s tasting menus, ideal for celebrations, when you can’t make up your mind or want to try a bit of everything, (One Feed Me option per table. If there are vegetarians in the group, we are happy to include the Buddha Feed Me alongside the Feed Me of your choice)

The Mountain
From Dalat, Sapa and the 54 ethnic minorities residing in the highlands, this menu will showcase full flavored, highly crafted dishes, rich with meats, game, heady spices. $68 per person

The River
Inspired by one of the world’s greatest rivers, the mighty Mekong, with a prevailing influence from bustling Saigon and the trade that flows to its delta. $78 per person

The Sea
Vietnam has 3260 km of diverse coastline. This menu is a seafood lovers dream. Luxury and quirky ingredients, simply and lovingly prepared. $78 per person

The Buddha
Dồ chay in Vietnamese, inspired by Buddhist cuisine of Hue, a vegetarian menu, in keeping with the general Buddhist precept of ahimsa (non-violence).* $58 per person

Read the full menus here


side dishes

Lotus leaf wrapped fried rice with coconut and vegetables*   12

Kale, broccoli, green beans and water chestnut stir-fried with garlic and oyster sauce*  13

Smoked eggplant, black vinegar, spring onion, chilli*  13

Sweet potato fries with Ha Noi five spice salt*   12



The inspiration for our desserts comes from the street snacks abundant everywhere in Vietnam and a touch of French dessert technique.    

Apple galette, ginger crystal cake, green tea ice cream, carrot candy   13

Lemongrass panna cotta with mint caviar, rhubarb jelly and Champagne sorbet   13

Bánh Flan - Vietnamese coffee crème caramel, cashew nut praline, honeycomb 14


sweet treats

Lime marshmallow with gin & tonic jelly 3

Lime marshmallow with raspberry jelly 3



Freshly ground coffee beans from the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Prepared in the traditional manner, drip filtered over a glass. 

Hanoi style, a rich, dark long black 5

Hoi An style, sweetened condensed milk, like an ‘exotic latte’ 5

Saigon style, an iced coffee in a long glass over ice with sweetened condensed milk ice-cream 8


# One of the features of Vietnamese Cuisine is that it is mostly free of wheat products and gluten. Dishes marked # however do contain wheat products.

* For our many vegetarian customers, The Buddha Feed Me! selection is highly recommended. However if a banquet is not required, dishes marked * are vegetarian. 

In an effort to keep our menu as competitively priced as we can, Dandelion regrets we must impose a 1.5% fee for all credit cards.