Our menu features a very personal showcase of dishes inspired by the Cuisine of Vietnam. A rich and diverse cuisine that exhibits a wonderfully intoxicating combination of the raw and the cooked, the hot and the cold, the sweet and sour. Light, fresh and healthy, dishes to be savoured and dishes to be shared.

We hope you enjoy the experience.

Geoff and Jane Lindsay


something to nibble on

Crab spring rolls in lattice rice paper, lettuce and herb wrap, nuoc cham 9 each

Green rice fried Tiger prawns, lettuce and herb wrap, nuoc cham 7 each

Crab dressed with coconut, lime, chilli, black sesame rice paper crackers 26

smaller dishes

Peking duck rice paper rolls, spring onion, cucumber, Sriracha hoi sin# 26

Buddha Roll – fried sesame tofu, activated charcoal rice paper rolls, beetroot, mushroom, rice paddy herb, peanut hoisin* 18

Bo La Lot – beef wrapped in betel leaf, pickle, Viet mint, nuoc cham (3 pieces) 21

Shredded chicken Vietnamese slaw, chilli, bean sprouts, peanuts, fried shallots, nuoc cham 25

Bún noodle salad, fried tofu, glutinous rice ball, vegetable spring roll, rice paddy herbs, vegetarian nuoc cham#* 23


classic pho

Chicken pho, soft boiled egg 25

Beef pho, brisket 25


bigger dishes

Banh Xeo – Saigon turmeric coconut pancake with pork and crab salad, ginger, bean sprouts, fragrant herbs, lettuce wrap 38

Milk, honey and longan marinated chicken, lime, salt and pepper, lettuce wrap 36

Tamarind and ginger fish curry, stewed tomato, cucumber pickle, rice 37

Kho Chay of okra, Asian eggplant, egg, pomelo, banana blossom, mint, rice* 34

Caramelised pork hock, tamarind caramel, fragrant herbs, lettuce wrap 42

Twice-cooked beef short ribs with soy and coconut water, mountain spices, bean sprouts¸ green mango salad 39


side dishes

Lotus leaf wrapped fried rice, coconut, egg, vegetables* 15

Stir-fried greens, oyster sauce 14

Grilled sweet corn, chilli and coriander butter* 13

Sweet potato fries, Hanoi five spice salt* 14



Banh Flan - Vietnamese coffee crème caramel, cashew and sesame praline, honeycomb 15

Lemongrass and ginger infused coconut tapioca pudding, caramelised banana, ginger biscuit crumb# 15

Coconut panna cotta, pineapple and rum granita, mint, roasted coconut and almonds 14


sweet treats

Cashew nut fudge 3


feed me!

For those who can't decide or want to try the ‘Best of Dandelion’, let us choose for you.

A shared banquet of 6 of our favourite dishes 75pp

Minimum 2 people and the Feed Me option is only available if ordered for the whole table. This banquet can be modified to suit vegetarian, dietary requirements and eating preferences.

Read the detailed menu here



# One of the features of Vietnamese Cuisine is that it is mostly free of wheat products and gluten. Dishes marked # however do contain wheat products. Dishes marked * are vegetarian. 

In an effort to keep our menu as competitively priced as we can, Dandelion regrets we must impose a 1.5% fee for all credit cards. 10% surcharge applies on public holidays.